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Bird Photography at Staunton State Park thumbnail

As of writing this, Staunton state park is a little more than a year old, opening up in May of 2013.  The address of the park is 12102 S. Elk Creek Rd. Pine, CO. 80470. Summer hours are 7am to 9pm. My first visit to the park was with family and we didn't arrive until ... [Read more]

Bird photography budget set-up

For photographing birds, the optimal setup in my opinion would be a full frame camera that shoots 6fps or more, 600mm lens, stable tripod and wimberly head. That will run you over $15,000 though and if you are just getting into wild life photography you probably can't afford that. I know that I can't. So ... [Read more]

Bald eagle flying with blue sky as background

If you want to learn how to take amazing photographs of birds, then this is a great place to start. Before we get into technique and equipment and stuff, in order to get the best photos of birds, you are going to have to learn how to know your subject. Wherever you may be, you ... [Read more]

Summer tanager at Belmar Park

This has become my favorite spot to photograph birds in the spring out of every hot spot I've been to in Colorado. Sure you may get higher bird counts and stuff at Barr Lake and Chatfield state park, but I am a photographer, and don't care about bird counts. I care about one thing, getting ... [Read more]